Welcome to Silicon Dojo

Silicon Dojo is an in person technology training program designed around the teaching methodology of martial arts. We take the name “Dojo” seriously and this is not simply a marketing buzzword for our program. Our […]

What is…

What Is


IoT stands for Internet of Things. This is a catchall term for much of modern IT technology. Whereas in the past when people dealt with computers they thought of desktop or laptop computers with screens […]

What Is


Arduino Boards are microcontroller platforms that allow you to connect sensors and inputs then be able to trigger outputs to devices such as LED’s, Motors, and even network communication. Arduino’s are great devices to start […]

What Is

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi’s are full fledged small, low cost computers. They run many different versions of Linux. Pi’s are valuable to our students because they have GPIO Pins that allow you to get inputs from sensors, […]



Arduino Cookbooks

Basic Arduino Cookbook Blink Example Sketch Install IDE Connect Port in IDE Load Blink Example Sketch Blinking LED Make external LED Blink Connect Multiple LED’s and create routine Piezo Buzzer/ LED/ Tiny Fan Turn on […]



Organization Etiquette

The point of the Dojo is to offer an inclusive educational environment where students of all ages, and types are able to come to better terms with technology. It is felt that rather than have […]


Staff Etiquette

Being that we are a technology education program, and our staff comes from a professional background it is important for staff members to fully understand and embody their position at the Dojo. When you think […]


Student Etiquette

There is really only one major rule for Silicon Dojo as far as students are concerned. Play Nice. In the modern world institutions try to mandate how everyone acts and have exceedingly specific rules that […]

When Will We Open?

Silicon Dojo will open in stages.

The first stage that we are currently in is when I'll do one on one meetings at the Dojo. If you have question about your career trjectory, thoughts on starting a tech business, or you need to make heads or tails of a contract your IT consultant gave you we can meet for an hour or two and discuss your issues.

Stage 2 will be after I have recieved my second Covid Shot. Then we'll start having seminars for people who are vaccinated to go over subjects such as Cybersecurity for Small Business, Web Marketing, How to be a YouTuber, etc.

Stage 3 will be when we start what the Dojo was built for and open for students to learn Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and IoT at their own pace. Beyond CDC guidelines I still need to write this curriculum so I am targetting end of May to beginning of June to start this.


12 1/2 Wall St #K
Asheville, NC 28801