Hacking Introduction

Hacking is a relatively simple concept that many people get confused about when they try to understand the technology. Slide Notes: Hacking Introducting WARNING: I don’t care that much… WARNING: This is NOT a Security […]


How to Become a Tech Professional

How to Become a Tech Professional TRIGGER WARNING… IT’S NOT MAGIC Don’t Listen to Stupid People Is your mom in tech? Did your friend hear it from their friends friend of a friend? Is the […]


“Easy” SMS with Twilio

Twilio allows you to send SMS to both send and receive messages from users with nothing more than a flip phone. SMS doesn’t require configurations the way wifi does, and generally works almost anywhere. Twilio […]


DNS for Cybersecurity

Slide Notes: DNS for Cybersecurity What is DNS Maps name to IP address: -> Threats to DNS DNS Tracking DNS Poisoning Malicious Websites/ Malware Employees… HOSTS File Local DNS Configuration DNS in Router/ […]


How to Become a YouTuber

This presentation was done on May 27th, 2021. The thought behind doing a presentation like this is that it’s good advertising for the Dojo. People like to hear about the behind the scenes aspects of […]


Welcome to Silicon Dojo

Thank you for your interest in Silicon Dojo. We seek to create a welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can come and learn how to use, build and maintain technology. We focus on […]

Arduino - Module and Library

Arduino – Servo

Description: Servo motors are motors you can move to a specific position. Depending on the rotation you can move the motor up to 180 or 360 degrees. This project simply loops through moving the servo […]

Arduino - Basic Cookbook

Arduino – Photoresistor and LED PWM

Description: This project uses a photoresistor to detect the ambient light level, and then as the light level goes up or down it changes the brightness of the LED. For this project the LED becomes […]