Organization Etiquette

The point of the Dojo is to offer an inclusive educational environment where students of all ages, and types are able to come to better terms with technology. It is felt that rather than have numerous rules for both students and staff that by building a structure that fosters the core beliefs of the Dojo this will lead the community to naturally fall within expected behaviors without having to write a massive rule book.

Being a place for diversity one of the requirements is that the organization advertises its existence to the entire community. The community of the Dojo should strive to within reason resemble the community it exists within. This means that as we grow we should assess how our membership and staff make up are, and then through advertising and outreach work to balance the make up. We have to advertise to grow both for students, and for staff. This policy simply focuses on where the outreach effort goes. If our demographics highly skew in a direction we should ask why that is, and then tweak our marketing program.

Our environment should be welcoming for all, and we should strive to make sure students and staff feel included. This means when new people come that they should be welcomed when they walk though the door. This may be from staff, but also from students to make sure the new person knows that they ware wanted.

Students should be given space to learn at their own speed, but also not be forgotten about. If students are on their own from time to time a staff member should check in with them to verify they are still progressing and don’t need help.

Students should be paired, or grouped with each other as much as possible when doing projects. When grouping it is advisable to bring students together that may not know each other, or work together often. This allows them to become more comfortable with each other and solidifies the community. But students that have a known aversion too each other should not be pushed into uncomfortable groupings. We act as facilitators, not as tyrants.