Staff Etiquette

Being that we are a technology education program, and our staff comes from a professional background it is important for staff members to fully understand and embody their position at the Dojo. When you think about what your role is as an educator you are neither a Drill Sergeant, nor a Professor. You should think of yourself much more as a highly educated camp counselor.

Our program has no official graduation, no real certifications, and all we seek from our students is that they become more comfortable with using, deploying, and maintaining technology. There is nothing to fail therefore there is no reason to make the students feel as if they do not come up to some arbitrary expectations. Your job priority is to empower the students to learn technology. This may be by actually teaching students, or with mentorship, or by getting parts for projects, or simply cleaning up after students leave.

When dealing with students it is important to deal with the person in front of you, and not put some story they have nothing to do with on them. People talk of racial or sex bias, but people have biases of all sorts. The student may remind you of an old friend, an ex lover, or a parent in law. It is important that you see them as they are, and do not simply act based on preconceived notions. Obviously negative bias will effect students poorly, but positive bias can do the same. If a student reminds you of someone who was very smart you may assume the student understands more than they do. This may lead to providing less support than they need, and they may end up having issues because they have not been given a solid foundation.