Student Etiquette

There is really only one major rule for Silicon Dojo as far as students are concerned. Play Nice.

In the modern world institutions try to mandate how everyone acts and have exceedingly specific rules that can become draconian when they are actually utilized. For the Dojo since this is a collaborative educational experience how students treat each other will directly contribute to whether the other students will help and support them. By being aggressive, disagreeable or otherwise poorly behaved students will become less likely to have others want to work in tandem.

Please leave your real world problems at the edge of the lab. Talking about politics, religion, taxes and current issues is only a distraction in our learning environment. Anyone of any political party can learn to make an LED blink.

Please leave romantic intentions at the edge of the lab. This is a place to relax and learn, and flirtation or unwanted attention can cause real issues for everyone. Please keep your hands to yourself and do not touch the other students. Although you may think this is a friendly gesture many people simply are uncomfortable with other peoples hugs, and touches.

Please know that you are not being rushed to learn. Take your time regardless of whether you feel other students are learning faster than you. Everyone learns at their own speed, and we would vastly prefer that you understand the lessons rather than simply complete them.

Please think about how your behavior outside the Dojo will effect your relationships within the Dojo. With so many people on social media it is very easy to say things that are taken poorly and may cause others to take offense. Please also do not go looking to find offense from other students.

Finally the serious rule that will cause removal or termination of membership is if a student is disrupting the education of others. This could be any number of ways, from being aggressive, to hacking other students systems. For the Dojo to function we must all respect each other, and share a communal environment. The decision to terminate a membership will be at the discretion of the Dojo, but we are biased to try to find a way to keep everyone involved.