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Thank you for your interest in Silicon Dojo. We seek to create a welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can come and learn how to use, build and maintain technology. We focus on […]

Educational Series

PHP Series

This series teaches you PHP by building projects that either solve problems, or simulate problems that you can solve. PHP is a language that dynamically builds web pages and is used to deal with data […]

Hive Eye (Project 1)

Hive Eye
This the first project in a series to explore the concept of augmented reality through pictures with mobile devices, IoT and sensors. The idea is to provide a real time window into what users are [...]

Photo Upload App

PHP Projects
This app shows you how to use an HTML form to upload a picture file to your server and have PHP process and save it. The PHP app then automatically creates a gallery so that [...]
PHP Projects

Automatic Photo Gallery

This project allows you to create photo galleries automatically. The PHP script scans for images within a folder and then turns them into an HTML photo gallery. This projects shows 2 examples of galleries you [...]
PHP Projects

Server Up/Down Dashboard

This project creates a dashboard that shows whether servers are responding to pings. The dashboard refreshes every 10 seconds and the ping output is given a background color based on the response. (Green – UP, [...]
PHP Projects

Calculator App

This project shows you how to create a basic calculator using an HTML form and PHP script. In the HTML form we add a SELECT box to choose the operator (+,-,*,/) for the math problem. [...]
PHP Projects

First PHP Script

This script uses an HTML form to send your name to a PHP script. The PHP script then takes your name and dynamically writes a “hello” message, and also prints a hyperlink so that you [...]
PHP Projects

Up or Down App

This app adds to the Ping App we previously created with if/else conditionals based on the results from the ping command. For this example we simply print out text, but you could format text with [...]
PHP Projects

Ping Test App

This web app is used to ping a website or IP address. With this code we use shell_exec() function with a preformatted command and then feed it the value for the website/ IP address. This [...]
PHP Projects

Shell Command App

This project allows you to send commands directly to the Linux OS and print out the results on a web page. This can be useful for creating web based administrative controls for a server, or [...]
PHP Projects

Retirement Planner App

This project shows you how to use a while loop to determine how long it will take to reach the amount of money you need to retire. This app takes the values for how much [...]

Latest Seminar

How to Start a Technology Business

Starting a technology business is not difficult, but there are a lot of things to consider. How to Start a Technology BusinessDownload Slide Notes: How to Start a Tech Business Your Most Valuable Investment Your [...]

Arduino Introduction

Arduino’s are an open source hardware development platforms that allow you to build electronic devices very easily. Arduino Introduction Slides: Arduino-Introduction-SDDownload Slide Notes: Arduino Introduction Arduino is a Microcontroller Not a computerContinuously Loops code Arduino [...]

Hacking Introduction

Hacking is a relatively simple concept that many people get confused about when they try to understand the technology. Hacking-Introduction- Slides-SDDownload Slide Notes: Hacking Introducting WARNING: I don’t care that much… WARNING: This is NOT [...]

How to Become a Tech Professional

Becoming a technology professional is not some scary magical process. IN this seminar I explain how to become a tech professional and also invite you to ask whether this is really the industry for you.Slide [...]

“Easy” SMS with Twilio

Twilio allows you to send SMS to both send and receive messages from users with nothing more than a flip phone. SMS doesn’t require configurations the way wifi does, and generally works almost anywhere. Twilio [...]

DNS for Cybersecurity

This presentation was done June 4, 2021. DNS is the services that resolves Fully Qualified Domain Names to IP Addresses. By adding security systems you can prevent ads, malicious spyware, and your employees from destroying [...]

How to Become a YouTuber

This presentation was done on May 27th, 2021. The thought behind doing a presentation like this is that it’s good advertising for the Dojo. People like to hear about the behind the scenes aspects of [...]

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The Dojo is now open for people to come by, ask questions, get advice and work on some projects. I'm still building out the curriculum, but as I do you can come by on Wednesdays from 1-5pm.

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