Arduino Introduction

Arduino’s are an open source hardware development platforms that allow you to build electronic devices very easily.

Slide Notes:

Arduino Introduction

Arduino is a Microcontroller

  • Not a computer
  • Continuously Loops code

Arduino is a Development Platform

  • Open source hardware 
  • Prototype Product
  • Arduino Clones so cheap it can be worthwhile just using them


Arduino Clones


  • Flash memory (program space), is where the Arduino sketch is stored.
  • SRAM (static random access memory) is where the sketch creates and manipulates variables when it runs.
  • EEPROM is memory space that programmers can use to store long-term information.

Arduino Pins

Arduino Modules and Shields

IO Communication – Analog/ Digital/ I2C

  • Analog – Analog signal
  • Digital – Requires Specific Library
  • I2C – Requires Library and I2C Configuration
    • Addressable Protocol

Controlling Motors

  • Relays
  • H Bridges
  • PWM

Network Connectivity

  • Arduino Uno with WiFi
  • Ethernet Shield
  • ESP8266

Arduino Communication

  • TCP/IP
  • Serial Communication
  • Wireless Module
  • IR

Powering Arduino

  • USB Connection – Wall or Battery
  • 9-12v Wall connector
  • 9-12v battery pack

Arduino IDE

  • Language is C++ ?
  • Preferences
  • Manage Libraries
  • Port
  • Board