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What is Silicon Dojo?

In 2009 I took my skills and experience from my career in technology and started creating video education that was focused on empowering viewers to solve their problems and get ahead in their careers. Now […]

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Losing Connection/ Run Away Vehicle WiFi signal is very important for these vehicles. Even wifi that’s great for other tasks may cause glitchy type problems. Make sure to have the wifi router/ access point have […]

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Gamepad Control (draft)

This code allows you to control your vehicle using a standard bluetooth gamepad controller. I have been using a PS4 controller for testing. HTML5 has a Gamepad API you can use with Javascript. Modern web […]

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Battery Stress Test

An issue with using USB power packs to power the vehicles is that you don’t know how long a battery pack will last. This test was created to constantly send movement commands to the vehicle […]

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iOS Accelerometer Control with Javascript

This project allows you to control your Dojo Derby Vehicle by tilting your iOS device. Speed is controlled by Forward/ Back tilting, and direction is side to side. We use Javascript to to pull the […]

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iOS Accelerometer and Javascript

This script needs to run with SSL – issue for vehicles Version 2 This is a second version to demo the code. It shows the X, Y and Z Axis coordinates and then changes the […]

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Race Timer

This is a basic race timer that uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to determine when to start and stop timing. When the timer boots it starts in a ready mode, when a vehicle moves within […]


Welcome to Dojo Derby

Dojo Derby is ALIVE!!! Although the supply chain disaster has meant that for 6 months so far Raspberry Pi 4 B’s have been near impossible to get I’ve decided to continue on with the project […]