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Losing Connection/ Run Away Vehicle WiFi signal is very important for these vehicles. Even wifi that’s great for other tasks may cause glitchy type problems. Make sure to have the wifi router/ access point have […]

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Gamepad Control (draft)

This code allows you to control your vehicle using a standard bluetooth gamepad controller. I have been using a PS4 controller for testing. HTML5 has a Gamepad API you can use with Javascript. Modern web […]

Dojo Derby

Battery Stress Test

An issue with using USB power packs to power the vehicles is that you don’t know how long a battery pack will last. This test was created to constantly send movement commands to the vehicle […]

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iOS Accelerometer Control with Javascript

This project allows you to control your Dojo Derby Vehicle by tilting your iOS device. Speed is controlled by Forward/ Back tilting, and direction is side to side. We use Javascript to to pull the […]

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iOS Accelerometer and Javascript

This script needs to run with SSL – issue for vehicles Version 2 This is a second version to demo the code. It shows the X, Y and Z Axis coordinates and then changes the […]

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Race Timer

This is a basic race timer that uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to determine when to start and stop timing. When the timer boots it starts in a ready mode, when a vehicle moves within […]


Welcome to Dojo Derby

Dojo Derby is ALIVE!!! Although the supply chain disaster has meant that for 6 months so far Raspberry Pi 4 B’s have been near impossible to get I’ve decided to continue on with the project […]

Dojo Derby

OLED Display Add-on – Dojo Derby

OLED displays allow your vehicle to communicate information such as it’s IP Address and Troubleshooting Information in a form factor about the size of a postage stamp. OLED Display SSD1306 – Note – These […]

Dojo Derby

Dojo Derby Mark 3 – Basic Version (DRAFT)

—>>>THIS IS A DRAFT<<<— The Dojo Derby Mark 3 vehicle is the first standardized vehicle design for Dojo Derby. All the parts can be purchased from Amazon and can be assembled relatively easily. The code […]