Hive Eye

Hive Eye (Project 1)

This the first project in a series to explore the concept of augmented reality through pictures with mobile devices, IoT and sensors. The idea is to provide a real time window into what users are […]

PHP Projects

Photo Upload App

This app shows you how to use an HTML form to upload a picture file to your server and have PHP process and save it. The PHP app then automatically creates a gallery so that […]

PHP Projects

Automatic Photo Gallery

This project allows you to create photo galleries automatically. The PHP script scans for images within a folder and then turns them into an HTML photo gallery. This projects shows 2 examples of galleries you […]

PHP Projects

Server Up/Down Dashboard

This project creates a dashboard that shows whether servers are responding to pings. The dashboard refreshes every 10 seconds and the ping output is given a background color based on the response. (Green – UP, […]

PHP Projects

Calculator App

This project shows you how to create a basic calculator using an HTML form and PHP script. In the HTML form we add a SELECT box to choose the operator (+,-,*,/) for the math problem. […]

PHP Projects

First PHP Script

This script uses an HTML form to send your name to a PHP script. The PHP script then takes your name and dynamically writes a “hello” message, and also prints a hyperlink so that you […]

PHP Projects

Up or Down App

This app adds to the Ping App we previously created with if/else conditionals based on the results from the ping command. For this example we simply print out text, but you could format text with […]

PHP Projects

Ping Test App

This web app is used to ping a website or IP address. With this code we use shell_exec() function with a preformatted command and then feed it the value for the website/ IP address. This […]

PHP Projects

Shell Command App

This project allows you to send commands directly to the Linux OS and print out the results on a web page. This can be useful for creating web based administrative controls for a server, or […]

PHP Projects

Retirement Planner App

This project shows you how to use a while loop to determine how long it will take to reach the amount of money you need to retire. This app takes the values for how much […]