“Easy” Computer Vision with Azure and AWS

Computer vision is now just a server call away from your Python script. Both Azure and AWS make adding computer vision to your project relatively simple (Azure is the easiest). You sens them a URL of your image, they send back the data in JSON format so you can parse, or store the results as you see fit.

Slide Notes:

“Easy” Computer Vision (Azure, AWS)

“Easy” Computer Vision

  • Using Serverless Architecture
  • Azure is EASY (60 minutes from account creation was creating scripts)
  • AWS Rekognition is “Easy” if you already build for AWS

Silicon Valley is Diseased

  • Think about computer vision beyond the dystopia that Silicon Valley is selling.
  • Think of correlations vs. identification (uniforms detection vs. face detection)
  • Do you need names, ssn, email addresses connected to images?
  • The less data you create, the less data you are liable for
  • Store Hashes not Images

Algo’s Don’t Replace Management

  • Use Vision to Give Insight into business/ organization
  • DON’T use vision to trigger decisions
  • Be able to explain what the Vision System does, WHY you designed it this way, and WHAT it’s looking for
  • Create rules, and enforce rules, not knee jerk reactions
    • Have rule change process

General Direction

  • Vision is not about being precise, it’s about giving decisions a direction
    • “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”
  • Should you show an ad for Tonka Trucks, Barbie Dolls, Ford F150’s or Summer Dresses?
  • Self Identification…
    • Is it statistically relevant for YOU
    • Making the right correlations?
      • Nail Polish for Boys
      • Female Urination Device

Serverless Architecture


Face Identification

  • Face comparison

Color Detection

Spatial Analysis

Azure Dashboard

Setting up Azure

Code Examples

Azure Issues

AWS Rekognition

Rekognition Demos