How to Become a YouTuber

This presentation was done on May 27th, 2021. The thought behind doing a presentation like this is that it’s good advertising for the Dojo. People like to hear about the behind the scenes aspects of professions and so talking about being a “YouTuber” brings in people that may not at first think they are interested in the Dojo.

I did end up having a 10 and 11 year old in the audience. I made clear they were not allowed to create videos for YouTube per the terms of service. I toned down some of the more adult language and stories. I also emphasized the psychological issues with being a creator for their parent to understand.

When doing presentations think about what the audience will take away. A funny story to you, may convince an attendee to do something not in their best interest. Example: I wouldn’t talk about the success of “prank” videos to anyone under 40…

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Can You Make Money on YouTube?

My Story

  • Started tech in 1996 in Army
  • Corporate World
  • Consulting 
  • Consulting Company Closed
  • Horrible College Class and Everyman IT 2009 
  • Failed Idea, Moved Content to YouTube, Monetization in 2011

How to Earn Money on YouTube

  • YouTube Ad Revenue
  • Crowdfunding
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Merch
  • Random

YouTube Ad Revenue

  • You Need 1000 Subscribers, 4000 Hours Viewed per Year
  • Paid by CPM
  • CPM is generally between $2-$20
  • 1099
  • Direct Deposit


  • Patreon
  • Donorbox
  • PayPal


  • Selling Slates/ Shout outs
  • Native Content
  • Brand Placement

Affiliate Links

  • Commission for sales


  • T Spring – Commission for “custom” items

Random Money

  • Paid to Interview Spiceworks Execs
  • Paid to be a Booth Babe
  • Paid to Interview Network Professionals by INE

Valuable Numbers?

  • Subscribers are rather meaningless
  • Subscriber Rot
  • View Time

Why Create YouTube Videos?

  • Revenue
  • Self Promotion
  • Business Promotion


  • Copy Right
    • Fair Use
    • Content ID System
  • Education 
  • Content ID Abuse/ Stupidity
  • Copyright Strikes

Dealing with Trolls

  • Trolls are the least of your worries
  • Fans can be worse than trolls

Psychology and Mental Health

  • No one will understand
  • Comments are communication

What You Need to Create Videos

  • Camera
  • Video Editor / Encoder


  • Camcorder – AUTO FOCUS, built in lens, easy
  • DSLR – GREAT IMAGE QUALITY, needs more care and feeding
  • Smart Phone – YOU ALREADY OWN, EASY, possibly poor image quality

Editing Software

  • Final Cut – Bought in 2013 for $250, and on every Mac since
  • Adobe – “Professional Software”, Good for Resume and Teams
  • Free Options – Fine for most people

Computer for Editing

  • Resource Needs – 4K 60fps needs more than 1080p at 30fps
  • PC’s are fine
  • Mac… Just works…
  • Peripherals and Software needs
    • Won’t use new Macs for at least a year

Live streaming

  • Live streaming Setup
  • Wirecast, OBS
  • Video Encoders


  • SUCKS!!!
  • Think about the sun
  • Shadows


  • SUCKS!!!
  • Echo, room environment
  • Microphone Choice
    • Closer to mouth the better
  • Ambient Noise

Editing Style

  • Jump Cuts
  • Multiple Shots
  • Single long take
  • Think about the problem the video solves

YouTube Fame

  • Shaking Your Brain Nipples…
  • How will friends, family, business associates take your content?
  • YouTube can be damaging. Politics, Bad Takes, Toxic Content
  • Roman Forum, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Cancun, Miami, San Fran, Seattle, DC, Half Way Up a Mountain, Pigeon Forge, Local Home Depot/ Lowes/ and Whole Foods

Your Personality

  • What makes a “YouTuber”?
  • Aspie to the bone… I pretend to be normal on YouTube
    • Walking Through Conversations with CEO’s
    • Monologue “Conversations”

Create “Good” Content

  • Be HAPPY!!!
  • Stay on Topic
  • Clickbait and Titles
  • Maximize Subscriber to View Count for Recommendations 

Topical vs Evergreen Content

  • Topical content can be good for driving traffic
  • Evergreen content keeps paying

STRIKES and Punishments

  • Content ID Claims
  • Community Strike
  • Copy Right Strike

Who are you Talking To?

  • Mental Image of your audience
  • Target – Audience Mismatch

“Honesty” and “Transparency”

  • No need to see my wife
  • Creating Characters – My Wife is not my “Wife”
  • Why do a House Tour?
  • Create Boundaries for topics
    • Can you articulate WHY you are saying what you are saying

Getting Advice

  • Talk with peers
  • Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Talk with your viewers, but give a grain of salt
  • Copy other creators
  • Stats, Stats, STATS…

Moderation Bots

  • “Wrong Speak” – Don’t say bad words…
  • Bad Titles 
  • Indian Human “Review” issues

Recommendation Bots

  • The more your videos are clicked, the more they are recommended
  • Clickable Titles
  • Thumbnails?
  • Fewer videos can be better
  • Good description – Copy/Paste your Powerpoint Outline

Monetization Bots

  • “Wrong Speak” in titles
  • Green, Yellow, Red $

YouTuber vs. Content Creator

  • Creators have a business beyond YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Vimeo

Build a Business Beyond YouTube

  • Events
  • Sell Podcasts
  • “OnlyFans”
  • Twitch?
  • Books

Play Buttons

  • 100K subs
  • 1 Mil Subs
  • 10 Mil subs
  • At YouTube discretion

The Future of YouTube

  • My bet…
    • Worlds biggest Startup Fail…
  • No shame in profiting off of someone else’s checkbook…
  • YouTube will die, but the lessons are valuable (Jake Paul – Vine -> YouTube -> Boxing)

YouTube Alternatives

  • Match Problem with Platform
  • Alt tech
    • Pllllbbbbbb…
    • FTC Compliance…


  • “Gamers” works their butts off

How to Start..?