IoT stands for Internet of Things. This is a catchall term for much of modern IT technology. Whereas in the past when people dealt with computers they thought of desktop or laptop computers with screens and keyboards with mice now computers are used as thermostats for houses, security camera doorbells, remote vehicles and more. When building IoT projects you learn how to use inputs from sensors such as Motion Sensors, Temperature Sensors and Distance Sensors and then provide output on anything from a simple LCD Screen, to an LED Light, to a Buzzer, or even be able to send a text message.

To build IoT projects you must understand coding, operating systems, networking, server services and even how to control motors and servos. IoT Projects will have students building devices that communicate with each other, Servers and Service API’s. Students will learn to think about the User Experience of what they are building and be able to decide the most appropriate output design. Should information be displayed on a website, would it be better just to have LEDs light up, or should physical devices such as fans or pumps be automatically turned on when thresholds are reached?