Network Monitor (Level 1) – HTML Dashboard

This project shows you how to use the Python Os Module to send a Ping Command and then write the results to a basic HTML Dashboard. We have a Host List of FQDN’s and IP Addresses that we send a single ping to in a continuous loop. The results of the ping command are printed to the console screen, and written to the HTML file.

The HTML page is set to auto refresh every 4 seconds, and so when each loop is finsihed in the Python script the results will be displayed on the web page.

import os
from time import sleep

host = ["", "","", "", ""]
pause = 10
header = f"<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='4'> <title>Up/ Down App</title> <h1>Network Monitor</h1>"

while True:

  body = ""

  for x in host:
    command = f"ping -c 1 {x}"
    response = os.popen(command)
    response =

    body = f"{body} {x}<br><pre>{response}</pre><br>"

  html = f"{header} {body}"
  file = open("network.html", "w")

Code language: Python (python)