Educational Series

PHP Series

This series teaches you PHP by building projects that either solve problems, or simulate problems that you can solve. PHP is a language that dynamically builds web pages and is used to deal with data […]

PHP Projects

Shell Command App

This project allows you to send commands directly to the Linux OS and print out the results on a web page. This can be useful for creating web based administrative controls for a server, or […]

PHP Projects

Retirement Planner App

This project shows you how to use a while loop to determine how long it will take to reach the amount of money you need to retire. This app takes the values for how much […]


How to Start a Technology Business

Starting a technology business is not difficult, but there are a lot of things to consider. Slide Notes: How to Start a Tech Business Your Most Valuable Investment Your spouse Money is simple, a good […]


Arduino Introduction

Arduino’s are an open source hardware development platforms that allow you to build electronic devices very easily. Slide Notes: Arduino Introduction Arduino is a Microcontroller Not a computer Continuously Loops code Arduino is a Development […]


Hacking Introduction

Hacking is a relatively simple concept that many people get confused about when they try to understand the technology. Slide Notes: Hacking Introducting WARNING: I don’t care that much… WARNING: This is NOT a Security […]


How to Become a Tech Professional

How to Become a Tech Professional TRIGGER WARNING… IT’S NOT MAGIC Don’t Listen to Stupid People Is your mom in tech? Did your friend hear it from their friends friend of a friend? Is the […]