Dojo Derby is ALIVE!!!

Although the supply chain disaster has meant that for 6 months so far Raspberry Pi 4 B’s have been near impossible to get I’ve decided to continue on with the project in the hopes that at some point within the next year or so they will be available again. I own 5 so can both experiment and build new designs, and be able to run small Meetups so that others can compete and learn about Silicon Dojo for themselves, and be able to build their own vehicles on the off chance they already own a Pi 4 or know someone that does.

My current task list is:

  • Audit and clean up the code I have so it doesn’t look like an MCSE wrote it
  • Create the parts list so others can buy the parts
  • Create the physical build schematics/ instructions for wiring and such
  • Build out this website with all documentation
  • Create an official Github repo so others can easily access, edit and fork code
  • Create physical objects for competitions
  • Start a weekly? Meetup at local breweries to demo Silicon Dojo to new people, do simple competitions, and test ideas for what does or does not work with the vehicles.

For a head start you can go to the old website which has the old documentation I was working on there if you want to get an idea of how the Dojo vehicles are built.