Welcome to Silicon Dojo

Thank you for your interest in Silicon Dojo. We seek to create a welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can come and learn how to use, build and maintain technology. We focus on hands on education where students work with technology, and experiment at their own speed. There are no tests, and there is no way to “fail” our programs.

Our program is “free to the end user”. This means that students do not pay for education directly. We earn money from crowd funding and sponsorships. If we provide you with a valuable experience, and you have the ability to offer money please feel free to click our donate link.

Our programs focus on IoT (Internet of Things). This is the current technology paradigm we are in where numerous devices collect information, send data to servers, and then respond to server commands. For this we teach how to build projects with Arduino Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi Computers, how to manage the Linux Operating System, how to code in multiple programming languages, and connect to API cloud services such as Twilio.

If you would like to learn more, or drop by to see what we’re doing please email Eli@EliTheComputerGuy.com